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Servicing the South East Coast of Queensland

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Fees and Service Charges

Schedule of Service Charges & Fees - Aussie Bargain Car Rentals

Optional Damage Liability Waivers

25 to 80 year Old Driver

Standard Excess Liability =                                                                                                 $3300

Silver Excess Reduction (reduces liability down to $1500)                                              $7 a day   (1 to 9 days hires)

                                                                                                                                                $6 a day   (10 to 20 days hires)

                                                                                                                                                $5 a day   (21 + days hire)

Gold Excess Reduction (reduces liability down to $750)                                                 $14 a day  (1 to 9 days hire)

                                                                                                                                                $11 a day  (10 to 20 days hire)

                                                                                                                                                $9 a day   (21 + days hire)

21 to 24 year old Driver

Standard Excess Liability =                                                                                                 $4000

Silver Excess Reduction (reduces liability down to $1500)                                              $17 a day  (1 to 9 days hires)

                                                                                                                                                $15 a day  (10 to 20 days hires)

                                                                                                                                                $12 a day  (21 + days hire)

Gold Excess Reduction (reduces liability down to $750)                                                 $25 a day   (1 to 9 days hire)

                                                                                                                                                $23 a day  (10 to 20 days hire)

                                                                                                                                                $20 a day  (21 + days hire)

Accidental Windscreen, Headlight and Tyre Damage Waiver                                                 $4 a day

Security Bond

Refundable Security Bond                                                                                                       $500      

Additional Driver Fee

First two drivers                                                                                                                       Free

Additional Drivers                                                                                                                    $10 each - per hire                                                                                                                          

Credit and Debit Card Fees

All rentals will incur the following Credit and Debit Card Fees

  • MasterCard or Visa Credit or Debit Cards                                                                     1% of amount charged
  • American Express Cards                                                                                               1.8 % of amount charged


Baby Seats (forward or reverse facing)                                                                                $7 a day (capped at $49)

Standard Booster Seats                                                                                                       $5 a day (capped at $35)

Securable Booster Seats (to anchor point)                                                                          $7 a day (capped at $49)

Convertible Booster Seats (internal harness & anchor point)                                              $7 a day (capped at $49)

Surf Board Racks (soft - Used cars only)                                                                             $7 a day (capped at $49)

Surf Board Racks (fixed – Wagons only)                                                                             $7 a day (capped at $49)

Satellite Navigation Unit (GPS)                                                                                            $7 a day (capped at $49)

Relocation Fees

NOTE: Minimum hire period applies

Sunshine Coast – Brisbane Airport                                                                                     $110 (each way)

Sunshine Coast – Brisbane Airport (Weekend & Public Holidays)                                      $145 (each way)

Sunshine Coast – Gold Coast Airport                                                                                 $160 (each way)

Sunshine Coast – Gold Coast Airport (Weekend and Public Holidays)                              $195 (each way)

Sunshine Coast Airport – Nambour                                                                                    $15 (each way)

Airport Usage Fees

Where an airport charges us a fee for providing a service to you as our customer, such fees will be added to your cost of rental

Fees that currently apply are:

  • Overnight Parking with After Hours Returns to Sunshine Coast Airport – Cost                 $25
  • After Hours Vehicle Pickup from Sunshine Coast Airport Car Park - Cost– usually $6 - $8 (depending on length of time before the vehicle is able to be picked up)

o   NOTE: This cost may increase where there are flight delays increasing time car is parked

  • All Parking Costs plus cancellation/no show fees where applicable
  • Brisbane Airport Parking (where applicable)

o   Amount varies depending on length of parking

o   See Brisbane Airport Parking Charges below

Brisbane International

Brisbane Domestic

Road Toll Fees

There are no Toll Roads on the Sunshine Coast; however there are a number of Toll Roads in Brisbane Area and on the way to the Gold Coast. Travelling to or from the Gold Coast you will pass through the Gateway Motorway (Bridge) Toll. In Brisbane you may encounter the Go Between Bridge and Clem 7 Tunnel, Legacy Way and the AirportLinkM7, depending on the route you take.

As a FREE service to our customers, Aussie Bargain will help you set up a Go Via Road Pass with your credit card at the time you pick up your Rental Vehicle. We find this the easiest way for customers to pay any tolls incurred should they travel through these areas. It is also far cheaper than getting a fine for a forgotten road toll.

Our Fee to handle fines sent to us for unpaid tolls is $15 per invoice

You can learn about Linkt Toll system here: More About Tolls

Extra Kilometres

Kilometres driven during the hire period in excess of the accumulated daily allocation are charged at:

Passenger Vehicles                                                                                                            22 cents per kilometre

Campervans                                                                                                                       35 cents per kilometre

Full sized Motorhomes                                                                                                        50  cents per kilometre


Road Traffic Offences/ Traffic Infringements/Parking Fines

Infringement Processing Fees cover the costs involved in processing fines and infringements.

Statutory Declarations at Court House/JP                                                                         $50 per occasion

Payment of Parking Fines (by arrangement) on behalf of Hirer                                         $15 per occasion

Payment of unpaid Tolls incurred outside agreed usage area                                           $25 per occasion

Vehicle Damage/Insurance Claims Administration Fees

This Fee contributes to costs incurred by us as a result of the damage/incident. These costs can include staff administration time to handle phone calls, arranging repairers, communicating with other parties including witnesses, Police and Insurance companies, completing claim forms, arranging quotes, photographs and delivering to and collecting vehicles from repairers, where necessary.

Minor repairs that can be completed at our premises by Mobile Repairers (e.g windscreens and mobile paint repairs) the Administration Fee is -                                                                                                                               $45 per incident

Where the vehicle must be taken to a repairer outside our premises for assessment or repair and/or there is a requirement for us to liaise with insurance companies and/or third parties, the Administration Fee will be -                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          $175 per incident

In addition, any and all legal expenses incurred in relation to recovering Administration Charges will be charged to the hirer/credit card/debit card holder.

Fraudulent Chargeback Fees

Where a customer has deliberately initiated a bank chargeback fraudulently                    $1,100 plus cost of original chargeback amount.


Replacement of lost/damaged keys and remotes

These costs will be charged on a full recovery basis to the customer, including postage, the cost of key blanks, key cutting and programming of keys and remotes. An administration fee will be charged to cover travel and time costs associated with replacement. Costs will vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle involved and availability of parts and services.

Accident Recovery Fee

This covers the cost of retrieval of a rental vehicle (beyond Standard towing costs). E.g  a ditch, gully or from in water.  Accident Recovery Fees are added as a component of loss, but do not increase the amount payable by the renter beyond the agreed Insurance Excess limit where relevant, unless the Rental Contract has been breached and the breach led to the incident occurring.

Assessor’s Fees

Assessor’s Fees (as charged to us)  are charges for the engagement of professional Loss Assessors to determine the extent of any loss/damage. Assessor’s Fees are added as a component of loss, but do not increase the amount payable by the renter beyond the agreed Insurance Excess limit where relevant, unless the Rental Contract has been breached and the breach led to the incident occurring.

Roadside Assistance Call-out Fee

The cost of 24 hour Roadside Assistance Provider attendance for issues such as ‘changing a flat tyre’, keys locked in the car, run out of fuel, lights left on etc

External Service Provider charge (plus costs for any fuel required)  is:                         $85

The charge where the service is supplied by one of our staff during office hours is    $35 to $85 (depending on location and circumstances).

Mechanical breakdown not caused or contributed to by the Renter, is paid for by us.

Fuel replacement Charges

Where a vehicle is returned to our depot or other pre arranged drop off point and is low on fuel, we charge $15 for refuelling plus the cost of the fuel at pump price. This fee helps recover the cost of staff wages to go and refuel the vehicle for you. This charge is deliberately kept low to encourage customers not to risk being late for their flight just to refuel the vehicle before they leave.

Smoking in Vehicle Fee

Where there is evidence of persons smoking in the vehicle or cigarette ash in the vehicle a minimum $100 special cleaning and decontamination Fee applies. Where the vehicle is unavailable for hire, because residual smoke odour in the car, loss of use charges will also apply. We take our No Smoking Policy seriously. We strongly suggest any hirers who are smokers, respect other hirers and do so as well.

Excessively dirty Vehicle – Cleaning Fees

Cleaning/Sanitation Fee                                                                                               minimum $45 (then $45 per additional hour)

This Fee applies for:

  • Excessive amounts of sand, dirt, food, stains on upholstery, carpet, hood lining, offensive smells, spilt drink etc
  • Caked mud under guards etc  – shows as evidence of vehicle taken off properly formed and/or sealed roads, stains or excessive tar on paintwork, excessive bugs or dirt or bird/ bat droppings on exterior of car.
  • Excessive Cleaning Fees are charged at $45 then $45 per additional hour (or part thereof) of cleaning plus cleaning materials/special equipment/carwash costs where applicable.

Service Fee for return of property left in vehicle

We do not charge for this service, however for items that you request be mailed back to you our policy is that you send us a suitable stamped and addressed envelope for the item and our staff will pop it into the mail box on their way home.

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