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Sunshine Coast Car Hire Insurance

Car Rental Insurance is often the area of most angst for those who wish to rent a car. Even when just looking for Sunshine Coast car rental options, there are many variations in what coverage is available from the different companies that operate here, both at the airport and in popular tourist spots such as Noosa, Mooloolaba and Caloundra.

No-one wants to be exposed to massive liability just because the car hire company does not have clear policies, or only tells you part of the story. Unfortunately it seems most car rental companies have Insurance and Insurance Excess policies that are NOT clearly explained on their websites; or even at the counter when you pick up your car. If you are planning to hire any vehicle, you would be wise to research the insurance issue and become clear about what your "Excess" (deductible) amount is and what it applies to.

At Aussie Bargain Car Rentals we bring you simple, straight forward and inclusive 'Liability Reduction' Options and the following information to increase your understanding of insurance issues.


The following information is provided to help make your car hire experience easier and the booking process more convenient. Please feel free to ring our office on (07) 5450 5090 if you cannot find the information you need here, or elsewhere on this website.

Great News! With us your chosen Excess reduction Option applies to BOTH Single and Multiple vehicle accidental damage.

Beware! This is not always the case with so many other car rental companies. Nor is that always clear on their websites!

Avoid nasty surprises when you arrive to pick up your rental car, or even worse, when something goes wrong and the rental car is actually damaged during your hire.

When hiring any rental car, anywhere, remember to ask if the excess reduction option you have chosen reduces your liability in the event of a "single vehicle accident" as it does for a 'multi-vehicle' accident'.

Too many people are getting caught out with a very high 'Single Vehicle Damage Liability'. With many companies the liability for damage you do to the vehicle yourself can be as high as $5500. This 'single vehicle damage' fee is unfortunately something many, if not most customers are completely unaware of when they hire a car. Customers either don't 'notice' it on a website when doing their research, or it is not pointed out to them when they purchase Excess Reduction. Too often they find out it applies only after the vehicle has been damaged.

So you really should know what your Insurance liability is BEFORE you hire. It is always too late once the vehicle is damaged.

Remember you are liable for up to the FULL AMOUNT of your chosen Excess and you must have the capacity to pay that amount immediately, if required, at all times during the period of your hire.

This is standard with all car rental companies. That is why you are offered the chance to purchase a Collision Damage Waiver or Excess Reduction package. If you don't have the spare money or credit lying around that you can afford to loose, then you should always reduce your liability to avoid getting caught out if the vehicle gets damaged.


Aussie Bargain bring you far better liability reduction options. Did you know that for as little as $7 a day you can halve your liability should the vehicle be damaged while it is in your care?
Our Options
Standard Excess Liability for 25 to 80 year olds = $3300


Day 1-9


Day 10-20


Day 21-plus

SILVER Only $11 $9 $7 $1500
GOLD Only $17 $13 $11 $750
        It's too cheap to ignore!


Standard Excess Liability for 21 to 24 year olds = $4000


Day 1-9


Day 10-20


Day 21-plus

SILVER $17 $15 $12 $1500
GOLD $25 $23 $20 $750


In the car rental world, a BOND is also known as a SECURITY DEPOSIT. IT is the amount the company requires you to leave as a cash deposit, a refundable credit card charge, or an amount of money that is frozen on your Credit card.A Security Deposit is the amount the car rental company requires you to pay before you an drive away in your rental car.




  •  At Aussie Bargain a minimum $500 authorised or pre-authorised on your credit card, or cash deposit is required for all hires and will be held for the duration of the hire.
  • This will apply regardless of your chosen Excess level.
  • In circumstances where a vehicle hire is for 10 days or longer OR is extended beyond 9 days duration, the bond will fully authorised as a reundadable payment, subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Contract and the Insurance provisions below.
  • The bond will be refunded onto your credit card at the cessation of the hire; subject to there being no vehicle damage or known outstanding costs or charges.
  • With hirers with overseas liciences, the bond will banked at time of vehicle pickup and also refunded subject to there being no outstanding charges.
  • If the hirer lives within 100 kms of the vehicle Pick-Up point, a larger bond of $1000 or more, where deemed necessary, will be applied. This is not negotiable. Aussie Bargain reserves the right to reduce the bond amount for regular repeat local customers, at the Manager's sole discretion
  • Regardless of the amount of the Bond charged at the commencement of the rental, the full chosen Excess amount is always due to be paid immediately if the vehicle is damaged or stolen during the hire period. Management may choose to require payment of a lessor amount where damages and costs clearly fall below the full amount of the chosen insurance excess.

Are you aware?

That EXCESS REDUCTION is NOT another form of Insurance. It is simply the Car Rental Company offering to waive a portion of your Insurance Excess Liability in exchange for a daily fee. In the event that something goes wrong 'you save - they pay'.


With the recent dramatic increases in deliberate fraud and theft involving rental cars, we have had to increase our security considerably. Increased checks on documents has become essential. Unfortunately those who participate in organised or spontaneous vehicle theft and those persons who prefer to use hire vehicles to conduct drug running or other criminal activity have made it necessary for car rental companies to require additional identification for all persons wishing to hire a motor vehicle.

Along with increased bonds being held while the vehicle is out on hire, car rental companies like ourselves are reserving the right to reqire presentation of additional forms of identification which prove who a potential hirer is and that she/he actually lives where they say they do. Also that the licience presented to us is both current and valid. Presentation of stolen liciences, credit cards and other forms of identification is becoming too common. Police will be immediately informed where we suspect we are being presented with invalid documentation. Please don't be offended if we ask you for additional forms of identification etc before we hire you a vehicle.


Our rental rates apply to drivers between 25 and 80 years of age. For drivers 21 to 24 years of age, you may still rent a vehicle however your Standard Insurance Excess is $4000. Your Excess Reduction Options contain a young/inexperienced driver surcharge. These amounts are displayed in the 'Optional Extras' fields on the booking page and must be selected or they will be added before a booking is accepted.


Be Aware: Similar Excess Reduction options from the major car rental companies and even large second tier companies can cost you up to twice as much per day.

With us, for a minimal daily amount, (as above), you can reduce the excess amount (deductible) that would be payable in the unfortunate situation where the rental vehicle is damaged or causes damage to another vehicle, or third party property.

We stronly encourage you to 'reduce your excess' as accidents in an unfamiliar vehicle, such as a hire vehicle are far more common and the resulting damage repair costs, often quite expensive, can ruin an otherwise enjoyable holiday or trip.

Once again Aussie Bargain is offering you incredible value with it's rental car insurance and liability reduction options.

Please Note: our Excess Reduction Options include both Single Vehicle Accidents and Multiple Vehicle Accidents i.e. any damage to the hire vehicle sustained during the course of the hire, provided such damage is not specifically excluded by the Rental Contract and/or You do not breach the Agreement.


A valid credit card is required before we will rent you a vehicle. Even if we agree to payment of the vehicle hire and other costs in cash, we still require your personal credit card details as surity for the bond and any insurance excess liability. The credit card must be able to be accessed for the full amount of any agreed excess amount or the excess must be lowered to an amount that the credit card can cover.
Unless pre-arranged, the credit card holder must be present on arrival. An opportunity will be made available during the booking process (either online or at the rental counter) to choose one of the Excess Reduction options. If you are still undecided on whether you wish to reduce your excess liability when you first book on the phone or via the website, you may choose to select one of these options when you collect the vehicle.


Our experience tells us that most people want to lower their liability for "Single Vehicle Accidents' as well as crashes that invove one or more other vehicles i.e. 'multi-vehicle accidents'.

In March 2014 we introduced simplified and more flexible Excess Reduction Options to ensure you still get affordable car rental whist gaining real protection in the event that you or some unknown person accidently damages the rental car.

Please see the Excess Reduction Options during the booking process to make your choice or feel free to discuss the advantages of these options with our friendly customer service staff.


Your Security Bond of (minimum) $500 is pre-authorised on the nominated Credit Card on arrival. This is to help ensure the vehicle is returned in good, clean, undamaged condition (inside and out) and with the correct amount of fuel. Please Note: We reserve the right to bank the Security Bond upon vehicle pickup when drivers have overseas licences, the hirer lives within 100KMs of our depot, is under the age of 25, or with longer term hires.

The Security Bond is cancelled / returned after the vehicle return, subject to a final and satisfactory inspection of the rental vehicle. Outstanding costs that become apparent after return of the vehicle may still be recovered from the credit card supplied.

The credit card holder must be present on when first picking up the rental vehicle (unless previously organised) and must also sign the Rental Agreement. Card holders and all authorised drivers are jointly and severally responsible under the contract Terms and Conditions.

Please Note: A Debit Card is not acceptable for the Bond amount, however is accepted for payment of the hire and accessories.


Payment for your vehicle hire is made in full on arrival, or can be pre-charged by agreement at the time of booking, or within 24 hours of vehicle pick up. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Cash, Eftpos and Travelers Cheques (in AUD). American Express attracts a 1.8% transaction fee. Visa and Mastercard will incur a 1% transaction fee.


Our Windscreen, Headlight and Tyre waiver has been discontinued due to the massive variations applying to replacement tyres and particularly windscreen costs with new cars nowadays. Your liability for damages to these items and other accidental damage to the hire vehicle can be reduced by purchase of one of our available Excess Reduction options.


If you are tempted to use an insurance product that may come with your use of a particular credit card, please ensure you have read and understood ALL the applicable terms and conditions. There are always exclusions and requirements; for instance does the insurance cover other nominated drivers? Or must you also take any offered 'excess reduction' with the car rental company?

Many external "insurance" options are dressed up to look very attractive and in some instances the sellers or their website will even have the cheek to direct you not to accept the Excess Reduction offered by the car hire company. Of course they want you to buy 'their' product instead and are often not beyond using scare tactices to 'get the sale'. Again, if you are tempted to go down this route, please ensure you are well aware of when they will pay up and when they won't. The exclusions are always as important as the inclusions.

Remember, if you take out some form of outside 'insurance' you will ALWAYS HAVE TO PAY THE CAR RENTAL COMPANY FIRST, and then claim those costs back from the insurer later; if you can.

The reality is that it is always the easiest to accept the offer of Excess Reduction from the car rental company. If something goes wrong you simply pay your agreed excess amount immediately and the car hire company takes care of everything from then on. No waiting for days or even weeks to get your money back from the insurance company. With our options it is so much simpler and quicker to resolve the issues relating to damage and as you can see from the cost of our Excess Reduction Options, still very cost effective as well. Note: Payment of any external insurance or acceptance of a claim on your Excess Option or the vehicle insurance policy the car rental operator pays on your behalf is always conditional on your compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Your Rental Contract.


Do you have any further questions on Excess reduction or your liability in the event of an accident? Please feel free to ask our helpful staff by ringing OUR OFFICE ON (07) 5450 5090.


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