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Aussie Bargain Car Rental Guarantees


At Aussie Bargain Car Rentals we GUARANTEE we will NOT over book our fleet and let you down.

Unfortunately, it seems many, if not most of the major car rental companies in Australia deliberately overbook their fleet to accommodate for ‘no shows’. This means that in times of peak demand there may not be enough cars available at their depot to accommodate the number of bookings they have taken. Consequently, when switching customers to different cars from the category which they booked is no longer an option, they advise their customers that although they thought they had a confirmed reservation, there is simply no vehicle available for them. This is just NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! Car rental customers DESERVE BETTER THAN THAT!

I’ll give you a typical example. A family on a long awaited holiday arrives at their destination airport with four extremely tired kids after travelling all day, yet excited at the start of the break they had waited so long for, finds there is no car waiting for them despite their having a confirmed reservation.

So often a check of the other car rental companies at the airport desks reveals they too are out of cars or have nothing suitable. The original company they booked with has let them down badly. At this stage our poor family has to start ringing around, hoping to find a small local company that will bail them out of their predicament. Or they find themselves taking an expensive taxi to their accommodation and having to start the search for a rental car all over again in the morning.

Unfortunately this is a very sad story that we have heard from our customers time and time again. These customers are quite rightly very angry at being treated this way. They invariably vow to never use the original company again; and fair enough too. Thats why we provide our "no let down guarantee".


If, as a result of unintentional over booking by our staff we are unable to supply a reserved vehicle in the class you booked, we will, at our expense, either:

  1. Supply a free upgrade or
  2. Offer you a cheaper vehicle at HALF the price of the one you reserved.


If we are already fully booked and have no vehicles available at all, we will hire a similar vehicle from a competitor for you AND supply it to you for HALF THE PRICE they are asking for it

YES, we will pay the difference – YOU GET THE CAR AND PAY ONLY HALF THE PRICE – we pay the rest!

Even Furthermore

If we are unable to secure a vehicle from our competitors for you, we will refund you ten times (yes 10 x) the deposit you paid for your original reservation with us. (NOTE: Failure of a previous renter to return the vehicle in time is excluded from this guarantee. In such rare cases we will do all in our power to provide you with the class of vehicle you booked, or an upgrade, as soon as practicable.You will never be left stranded.)

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We are so confident about our service and the reliability of our vehicles that - Should you have a mechanical breakdown in one of our cars, which was not caused by your actions or negligence and we do not fix the problem or replace the vehicle within 24hours . . . We will GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK.


  • The vehicle must be within the ‘Agreed area of Use’ when the breakdown occurred.
  • REPAIR OR REPLACE period applies from the time you advised us of the problem during office hours
  • You must cooperate with us re having the vehicle taken to a repairer authorised by us. Lack of cooperation or delays by you will void this warranty
  • Any refund given under this guarantee will apply for the number of days you hired the vehicle, up to a maximum of 14 days.




We believe that when you book a rental car, anywhere, there should be NO NASTY SURPRISES when you arrive to pick it up! How often do we hear horror stories of customers arriving at some car rental agency, having already received a quote, only to find the price has ‘gone up’ or even doubled?

At Aussie Bargain Car Rentals we GUARANTEE that any quoted price we give you WILL NOT GO UP when you arrive.

Unless you yourself choose to alter the quote or booking content from your original request, e.g. rental period, vehicle requested or add further accessories or excess reduction. At Aussie Bargain Car Rentals our aim is to be fully transparent in all our quotes. 10% GST is included in any quote price.


As you can see we really want you to feel confident about our service and commitment to meeting and exceeding your car rental expectations.

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